The TALOS software is designed for automatic and regular downloads of traffic data from ECM HESTIA stations. It is based on a modular architecture consisting of a management console and 5 services that communicate together, in a single computer, using a TCP/IP communication protocol interface.

The 5 services provided by TALOS are :

  • The “Kernel” service,
  • The “Communication” service,
  • The “FileStorage” service,
  • The “FileSaveLocal” service,
  • The “FileSaveNetwork” service.

The TALOS Management Console is a program used solely for the configuration and management of the 5 TALOS services that collectively assume the automatic retrieval and storage of traffic data.

Because the TALOS services behave like any other Microsoft Windowsservices, they are restarted automatically, without user interaction, when the computer starts. Accordingly, they can operate without a user being logged in and the TALOS Management Console program running.

By using the “TALOS Management Console” , the user can define multiple HESTIA / HERA stations from which the data is to be downloaded. The different means of communication, TCP / IP link, modem link or RS232 link, defined for each one, can also be configured.

Each HESTIA/HERA station could potentially be managed by the TALOS Communication Service with more than one connection. Thus, for example, a station’s retrieved traffic data may be obtained from two or more modem links.

Required configuration :

Operating system :

  • Windows XP,
  • Windows VISTA,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 10.

Processor : 3GHz intel pentium processor or equivalent (minimum).

RAM : 4GB (minimum).

Hard disk : 500 MB of available space (Minimum).