Stainless Steel support SUP1

The SUP support’s flange must be installed in a slot in the pavement to protect the resistive sensor sleeve.

The sensor can be folded so that it can be inserted directly into support SUP1. Its trapezoidal shape as well as the acrylic glue make it possible to ensure optimal grip of the sensor in its support.

2 resistive sensors can be installed in the same support (facing each other) and a flange will be installed at each end of the stainless steel support for good grip of the sensor sleeve.

  • Material : Extruded stainless steel,
  • Thickness : 3mm (0,12 inch),
  • Weight : 2.40kg/ml,
  • Maximum number of profiles : 4,
  • Maximum length of a profile : 4m (13,12 feet) (without flange),
  • Minimum length of a profile : 50cm (1,64 feet)(without flange),
  • Installation resin : P5G.