Electronique Contrôle Mesure (E.C.M.) is a company that has been specializing in road traffic analysis for more than 35 years.

From its origins, the company has acquired solid experience in the development and manufacture of industrial electronic thermostats. E.C.M’s experience and know-how will soon lead to the development and release of solutions in other business sectors. Especially in the field of ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems).

E.C.M. was one of the first companies to use piezoelectric sensors to count, classify and weigh vehicles at high speed. Several products will be developed in the area of road traffic analysis and toll classification.

E.C.M. develops, manufactures, assembles and controls all of its products at its facilities in France. Experience and overall management of the manufacturing process have led to the company supplying innovative quality solutions throughout the world (e.g. United States, Japan, South Korea, Uruguay).

These 35 years of experience have enabled the company to develop a wide range of services for :