P5G and P6G resins

The P5G & P6G resins are supplied in 6 kg plastic bags. A 150g bag of catalyst (hardener) is provided with each bag.

The P5G is used to install :

  • Piezolor sensors,
  • SUP stainless steel supports.

The P6G resin is used for :

  • The installation of induction loops,
  • Filling cracks.

Quick and easy to use

  1. The catalyst is poured directly into the resin bag.
  2. The product is mixed directly in the bag for a few minutes.
  3. The resin is poured into the cable track.
  4. The resin must dry in the open air (8 to 40 min depending on the temperature).

Kit composition : 1 x 6kg bag of resin and 1 x 150g bag of catalyst.

  • Duration of use:
  • at 0°C: 20 min
  • at 25°C: 10 min
  • at 50°C: 4 min(*)

(*) Using 50% of the catalyst prolongs setting time.

Drying time :

  • at 0°C: 40 min
  • at 25°C: 20 min
  • at 50°C: 8 min