The HERA station consists of several independent electronic boards. The assembly is used to perform various measurements on high speed vehicles (more than 20 km/h or 13 mph). The HERA traffic station is composed by these following boards :

  • PS : Power Supply, which converts the 110/220Vac power supply into 12Vdc to supply the cards and charge the battery. During a power failure, the PS card continues to power the system using the battery.
  • PI : Power Interface, supplies the station using a solar panel (replacing the PS board).
  • UC : Unit Central, stores and timestamps the data provided by the UD board. It also manages communication between the station and the Operator.
  • UD : Universal Detector, measures the signals of the sensors installed in the road surface to provide vehicle data on weight, length, speeds, etc.
  • TG : TriGger, designed to control external devices such as cameras, variable message panels, etc. from the HERA traffic station.

Using its “automatic calibration” method, the different piezoelectric sensors on the market are compatible with the HERA station.

To set and configure the station, ECM has also developed a software package called ElCoM that is both comprehensive and ergonomic.

Combined with the VESTA system, the HERA station pre-selects overloaded vehicles to be weighed accurately in a static weighing area.


  • Weighing precision : B(10) class according to COST 323,
  • Number of lanes : 12 lanes maximum (2 directions),
  • Number of sensors per lane : up to 4 piezoelectric sensors per lane,
  • Communication : Ethernet, PPP and RS232,
  • Communication protocol : TCP, UDP, FTP, TED protocol (only for alarms),
  • Storage : 32 GB SD card which can store at least 50 million individual vehicles,
  • Data format : XML,
  • Calibration : Automatic by statistics, by standard vehicle or manual,
  • Backplane communication : via CAN bus,
  • Power supply : 110/220Vac or 12Vdc with a solar panel,
  • Format : Fixed or portable weighing station,
  • Temperature range : -30°C to + 70°C (-22°F to +158°F),
  • Battery life : Operational for a week with a 12V, 90Ah battery (evaluation without modem).

The E.C.M. dynamic weighing system is modular.

Easy access using the board/rack format.

Optional wooden cabinet to protect the station from moisture and extreme temperatures.