Inductive Loop

The E.C.M. inductive loop is a copper electrical wire that must be installed in a road surface (concrete or asphalt). The loop size depends on the length of the road surface, 4 loop circuits are necessary for optimum sensitivity.

The double-insulated copper wire avoids spurious signals for more effective vehicle detection.

If the systems are installed more than 6 metres away from the “loops”, a shielded twisted return cable is used to connect the system to the inductive loops. This “return cable” makes it possible to preserve the quality of the loop signal to the electronics, by protecting it from external disturbances.

A waterproof “3M” junction kit is used to waterproof the connection between the copper loop cable and the return cable.

ECM P6G resin is applied to seal the cable tracks, for long-term protection of the induction loops in the road surface.



Loop cable

  • Loop cable copper cross section : 1.5 or 2.5 mm²,
  • Cable size (external diameter) : 6 to 8 mm,
  • Operating temperature : -35°C to + 85°C,
  • Insulation : > 400V,
  • Insulating materials : cross-linked elastomer.

Loop return cable

  • Conductor cross-section : 1.34 mm²
  • Shielding : Tinned copper,
  • Number of twists per metre : 10 to 20
  • External diameter : 8mm

Waterproof junction box between the return and the loop cable

  • Type : 3M

Resin to fill the cable track.

  • Type : E.C.M. P6G,
  • Usable at +20°C after : 20 minutes,
  • Drying time at +20°C : 20 minutes.