PF’2N sensor

Once the the PF’2N piezoelectric sensor is installed in the road surface, whenever axles move over it, it emits a signal that varies based on the pressure exerted.

The signal is then transmitted to the HERA road traffic station, which analyses and measures it to provide different road traffic data (number of axles, speed, length, classification, etc.).

  • Piezoelectric materials : polarized ceramic,
  • Speed for dynamic classification : >20km/h,
  • Dispersion of sensitivity : Class II (20%),
  • Sensor length : adaptable to the width of the lane, from 1 to 4 metres maximum,
  • Cable length : from 25 to 100 metres maximum,
  • Cable : RG58,
  • MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) : ≈ 5 years (20 million axles), (this is an estimate, not a definite duration)
  • Isolation resistance : ≥ 1010 Ωm,
  • Operating temperature : -30°C to +70°C,
  • Installation resin : P5G.