The Company Electronique Contrôle Mesure change its Logo !

“An evolution in a era of time”

After 45 years of dedicated and distinguished service, the original logo of the Company Electronic Contrôle Mesure gives way to its successor.

This logo was created by the Founding Director Mr. Claude Maeder and has accompanied our Company for many years. It will have experienced many good times, and some less happy ones, like any Companies, however, its image has never weakened among our loyal Customers and Partners.

Electronique Contrôle Mesure gives way to ECM !

Even if we were very attached to the original logo of our Company, the time had come for us to represent our brand through a brand new visual identity, more modern and in accordance with our international dimension.

We therefore chose a new logo, more representative of the values dear to our Company, namely innovation, precision and dynamism, all while adding a touch of modernity. This new logo highlights the acronym “ECM” which has always been the name given to our Company by all our Customers and Partners. It is also more easily identifiable and pronounceable internationally.

Finally, we have kept the “Light Orange” color, much appreciated by the Founder, in order to mark our attachment to the entire history of the company.

Strengthen our presence in electronics and road traffic solutions (ITS)

Today we are happy to be able to start this new chapter and hope that this new logo will also mark the history of our Company. After 45 years spent in the fields of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), ever more motivating and important challenges are to be undertaken.

Always ready to ensure the safety of road networks, the protection of Engineering Structures, effective assistance in road maintenance and to promote healthy competition between international Transport Companies.

We shall not fail to offer you, always with the same enthusiasm, new technologies that are ever more innovative and efficient.